Friday, October 5, 2012

Fitness, Fun & Fall Festivals in the illadelph

Happppyyyy Frrriiiiddaaayyyy!!! Can you tell I'm excited for the weekend? In all seriousness, the week kind of flew by, but every Friday I'm ready to sing "Cheers to the freakin' weekend!" (Cue RihRih). I think the week flew by in part because I finally made my way over to The Sporting Club at the Bellevue, for which I purchased a LivingSocial deal for $30 for a month pass, which includes all access to the 93,000 sq ft facility as well as unlimited classes, and my gosh is the list extensive. Apparently, a monthly membership would normally cost ~$100/mo + a hefty initiation fee of $450. o_O...Insert happy dance here for getting quite the steal!

On Monday, I was hyped and posted this picture of my new running shoes and post-workout healthy meal.

After "The Boxer's Workout" with Clif, I was feeling good and wanted to keep it going with healthy eats, so I made a nice spinach salad with a corn/red pepper/tomato/red onion/goat cheese salad I'd made over the weekend. Because I was still hungry and kind of craving something sweet, I decided to have a brown rice cake with peanut butter for dessert. Go me!

I made it to the gym twice more this week for Vinyasa Yoga on Tuesday & Thursday. I'm excited to try all the new classes. It keeps my routine changing, so my muscles don't get used to anything, which is what I used to love about dance. There's a Zumba class tonight, but might not make it because my social life is just jumping these days. I kid I kid lol, but for real there's been a lot going on lately.

Last Saturday, we participated in the Octoberfest festivities down on South Street at Brauhaus Schmidt's, which was a madhouse, but fun. On Wednesday, we watched the debate with some friends out in Manayunk, made even more entertaining by the little game someone stumbled upon.

Let's just say, we couldn't keep up with the 3rd person references, else having to carry each other home, and Romney's "small business" references were the 2nd runner up to that. If you're planning on having a debate shindig for any of the others, this might liven things up a bit.

Last night, the beau and I finally made it to the Night Market, the last one of the season at that. It was in Chinatown this time and was packed! I snapped just a few pictures without looking too touristy.

Got this yummy Chicken, Sausage & Shrimp Jambalaya from the Khyber Pass Pub's stand, which was delish. I think we'll have to check it out the next time we're on Old City. There were tons of food trucks, as expected. I had some fried chicken with a spicy peanut honey BBQ sauce from Square Peg's stand, pretty standard for a fried chicken drumstick, but the sauce was quite unique. After checking out some of the entertainment (large dance circles in the middle of the street while people Dougie'd and belted Karaoke songs projected onto a huge brick wall from Yakitori Boy's stand), I ended the night with some frozen yogurt from the Gozen Yogurt truck, self serve with a topping bar on the side of the truck. So cool.

It was such a great night, I wish that I'd be in town for the Midtown Village Fall Festival tomorrow, since the sun has finally decided to grace us with it's presence. Some of my favorite restaurants are on 13th Street; there will be a beer garden, a dunk tank and apparently there's even Sumo wrestling in store!! What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon?? It's from 12noon - 8pm, so I definitely recommend checking it out, if you're around.


Got to love Fall in Philly! Tonight, we're heading back to the Yunk for dinner & dancing to send off a crew member correctly as he leaves all this fun behind to head out West and be a woodsman in Colorado. Oh and it's also Restaurant Week! So I definitely plan to hit up a few new eateries and will report back :)

Have a great weekend!!


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